Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ashlyn and Jillian

Today is the girls birthday. I sit here and reflect on so much about where we were 3 years ago. I was on hospital bed rest and I woke up to bleeding. I had a emergency C-section and as each of my girls were pulled out I could just see a team of nurses and doctors looking over each of them. I would say there was about 5 to each girl. I remember asking if they were Ok. I never got to hold my girls the day they were born. Ashlyn was shown to me from a distance before they rushed her to the NICU and Jillian I got to spend a moment with her and touch her sweet little face. I was in recovery for what seemed like days and I had no idea what was going on with my girls. Once in my room I saw pictures of them on my sister in laws cell phone and I just waited for Jeff to get back to report to me how they were doing(he was at the NICU with them). They next day I woke up in extreme neck pain I chalked it up to sleeping wrong it was so bad it hurt to hold my head up. I was later diagnosed with a spinal tap headache. I finally saw the girls and got to hold them at 2 the next day! A moment that took my breathe away! This is where Jeff and I decided who Baby A would be and Baby B would be. 3 years has gone by and I still have moments where they take my breathe away these two sweet girls are an amazing blessing. My heart is full and they bring me so much laughter and love. Happy Birthday Ashlyn and Jillian Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Here are just a few recent pics of the girls. I promise to post pics of their birthday party as soon as I get copies of them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Magic Of Christmas....

Is truly through my girls eyes. There constant smile and hearing them say ahh and ohh goodness just fills us with so much happiness. Ashlyn would open up a gift and then say more, more. Christmas Eve was spent at Jeffs Aunt Jackie's we had an amazing prime rib dinner and the girls got very spoiled. Christmas morning we opened up gifts with the girls then Jeffs mom and dad and sister Kimmy and Melissa came over to spoil the girls even more. We then packed up and headed to Santa Barbara for the night to my brothers and sister in laws home. My sister in law is due any day now and we didn't want her traveling down here. It was such a relaxing time the drive was so great since the girls slept the whole way and it was a nice get away for all of us. We truly had an amazing holiday and are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

Christmas Eve at Aunt Jackies enjoying their juice

Playing with their new toys

So excited to open presents

Nothing sweeter then seeing Daddy with his two girls! Love them all so much!

Best family picture we could get

Grandma Toni and Aunt Jackie

Christmas morning

Jillian opening her stocking

Ashlyn opening her stocking

Opening up their big gift Nana and Papa

Its a basketball hoop!

Christmas afternoon at my brothers. Ignore their hair they slept the whole drive down. Jillian checking out her new clothes

Ahh Ash you make a beautiful gift

Waiting for Grandpa to open their computer

Don't worry I got this Grandpa I know how this thing works

Ashlyn and Grandma drawing a picture

Telling Grandma exactly what to draw

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree

We set out to Home Depot for our Christmas Tree this year and of course when we got there the camera was out of battery that is the story of my life. So when my dad asked me to take him to pick up his tree I made sure the camera battery was charged. My parents pick their tree out a week before Thanksgiving and then they go and cut it down I love that idea, but Jeff and I prefer Noble trees and the place my parents go they do not have Noble's. The girls loved running all throughout the trees and kicking the dirt. It's so pretty seeing the trees everywhere.

Ashlyn liked this one

Grandpa trying to get them by the tree so I can take a picture

At home by our tree Jillian talking on her phone

Ashlyn is not a fan of having her picture taken

Love this picture Jillian is pretending to take a pic of me with her phone

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We started this Halloween season with carving pumpkins with Auntie Kimmy and Melissa. Ashlyn loved it she got right into it watching Auntie Kimmy carve away. Jillian just wanted me to take her pictures. We got the girls Elmo to put on their pumpkin it was so cute. This was actually the girls very first year of trick or treating and they loved it. They got the hang of this holiday really quick. They were both Dorothy's and just so cute. We had a wonderful Halloween!!

Love Ashlyn's concentration

Jillian just wanted to see what she looked like after I took her picture

Getting Elmo's arm in the pumpkin

The finished pumpkins

Kimmys Pumpkin-awesome huh?!

Melissa's pumpkin so cute

Jeffs pumpkin the Grim Reeper

Halloween! Jillian getting ready

Ashlyn with Nana (Jeffs mom) or Ashlyn calls her Nanee

Practicing trick or treating

Family Halloween pic

The girls with Gavin